Fair Travel

Fair Travel is important to us and therefore we make sure you get to enjoy your stay at Al Sultana Luxury Camp but you enjoy it in a fair matter.
The team of Al Sultana Luxury Camp consists of all local employees, who are all very happy to assist you. When booking your stay with us you support the local community because we only employ local people. All of these people are given a fair wage for their hard work and thus it helps them to support their families. On top of that you get a real Bedouin experience. A win win situation for everyone involved.
Know that tipping is never a must but if you do, you will be helping the local community and it is always appreciated.
The locals we work with are proud of their culture and country. These Bedouins eagerly want to share their traditions with you. Let them show you the real Jordan and it’s Bedouin traditions.

Eco Campsite
Jordan battles a big waste problem. At Al Sultana Luxury Camp we make sure we leave no more than a footprint behind in the desert. Wherever we go we make sure we take our rubbish with us and we never leave things behind.
Jordan has only little water resources and its citizens are all year on rations, receiving water only a few times a week, filling up their tanks. You could help by limiting your water use during your stay in Jordan. This means short showers and not leaving the tap running unnecessarily.
At Al Sultana Luxury Camp we do have electricity but we get this via our solar panels. At Al Sultana Luxury Camp is an eco-campsite and with these little things we do everything we can to protect the environment of the desert we all dearly love. We also offer WiFi that also works via our solar panels