Planning Your Trip

When visiting Jordan make sure you include Wadi Rum desert, it is a true must see. And we are sure you will make memories that will last you a life time here. People often describe it as if they are on the planet Mars and it truly does look like it.

Let us know when you arrive and how long you like to stay with us in the desert. From a few hours up to several days or even longer, all is possible. We will tailor your tour according to your wishes.

The most standard itinerary for a trip to Wadi Rum is to arrive at the Visitor Centre of Wadi Rum by 9.30 am. From here we will pick you up and from Rum Village you will ride a camel for half hour to Lawrence’s Spring. Experience how the Bedouins used to move around in the desert (and some still use the camel for transportation). After your camel ride you will enjoy a half or a full day jeep tour (approximate 4 hours/7-8 hours). During the jeep tour your driver will stop and prepare you a fresh lunch in the middle of the desert. Help him with finding wood for the fire and if you like you could help him with the cooking. Experience how the Bedouins prepare a fresh lunch in the middle of the desert. After lunch you continue your jeep tour. The jeep stops at each site, giving you time to walk around, climb some rocks and take pictures. Your tour ends at Al Sultana Luxury camp from where you will watch the stunning sunset and enjoy a traditional Bedouin meal for dinner. Overnight at one of our tents with either private or shared bathrooms (depending on your preferences). The next morning, after breakfast we transfer you back to the Visitor Centre of Wadi Rum.

The above trip can be amended to suit your likes. You could enjoy a shorter jeep tour, add more camel riding, maybe even enjoy a hike! Also have a look at the Bedouin experiences we offer at the campsite such a baking bread, henna and the coffee experience.

Travel Tip
If you plan to spend at least three nights in Jordan, you might want to buy a Jordan Pass, a sightseeing package sponsored by the ministry of tourism. It includes admission to more than forty tourist attractions – including Petra and Wadi Rum – and waives your JOD 40 visa fee. Priced at around $100 USD, it’s a deal worth considering.

Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, the date of which varies according to the Islamic lunar calendar. During Ramadan alcohol is not sold except in larger hotels. (We do not sell alcohol at our campsite all year around.) Eating, drinking and smoking in public is discouraged during daylight hours. Most stores, banks and offices open late at 09:00 am and close early at 2 pm. Other businesses have limited hours. It is expected that you do not eat or drink while being in public on the streets. However while visiting sites it is acceptable to drink or eat in front of locals especially if Ramadan takes place during the hot summer months.
Know that even though our employees will be fasting during Ramadan, they still love to make you a delicious meal also for breakfast and/or lunch!